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In 2005 I helped to launch a new website in the very competitive office supplies industry. I was not a complete novice as I had worked for close to ten years in this exact area before going completely cyber.

You would have received an email with all the details you need to log into your domain control panel. This control panel is where you can manage your website. It is divided in areas, where you can make backups and setup email. All hosting providers I know also provide you with an area called scripts, sometimes referred to as ‘One Click Scripts’ or ‘CGI Scripts’. Look at the various icons in this area, there will be one that says: “WordPress”.

Try to learn how make a website by learning more about your software. Explore your options and try to learn as much as you can. They have a lot of themes that you can use, select something that will be appropriate for the site that you are trying to market.

Our original site was very cool looking. It was designed by an artist who knew how to make a website with wordpress for beginners pop. The problem was, he didn’t nor did I for that matter, understand what a search engine needed to see. As a result while we offered a very creative and cool way to procure discount office supplies, it was almost invisible to the search engines we so desperately needed. As a result, we lost two years trying to make the unworkable workable. Lesson: function over design.

With Yahoo! Auctions as its closest competitor, eBay is arguably the most well known auction site in the world. Setting up your business here will let you earn extra money, or maybe a large amount of money, while doing it in the comforts of your own home by selling different products on line.

Working from scratch is sometimes better for very big sites that require specialists to do the job. The software used ranges from a basic and free editor like Kompozer, to specialist website tools as XSitePro, to the expensive and very advanced Adobe Dreamweaver. All of them require some learning curve and normally a fixed computer that has your software of choice installed.

Take your time. You should have a long-term plan for your online hone business. Don’t rush in and sign up for every opportunity. Pick one opportunity and become the best you can be.